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Helping singers to find their unique sound, through developing secure technique based on breath support, articulation and projection.
Various music styles covered, including acoustic singing and microphone technique.
Beginners to advanced are all welcome: I very much like to work with people who want to move beyond it being a sense struggle of any kind, who are keen to gain confidence and seek a real sense of enjoying their experience of singing.


“Engaging the Resonance”
This is my motto/foundation of singing, both physically and with a passion for you to free your voice and share your unique sound.

Sessions are per hour, with half hour sessions also available.
Please feel free to get in touch for rates & bookings, thank you.

“I recommend Krysia without hesitation – I have worked with her on three separate projects… she sang three beautiful pieces a cappella at my wedding in the summer of 2014, and the winter before that Krysia led a Nature Goddess themed Hen Do singing performance and workshop afternoon for a close friend of mine. She chose from a broad repertoire and the bride and hens enjoyed singing together – it really broke down barriers (not all attendees spoke English well), and brought us together in a totally different way. Krysia also gave me a series of singing lessons whilst I was pregnant with my first child. If you are looking for someone sensitive, who listens to your needs and respects your musical tastes and abilities whilst being able to spot areas for improvement to really shine, you can’t go wrong if you go with Krysia. Her energy and positivity is utterly contagious. As a performer she sparkles, as a workshop leader she is engaging and responsive, and as a singing tutor she is respectful and incisive.” 
Caf Fean, Associate at DCA Consultants, Hastings.
“Art has the power to transform and heal.
Krysia integrates both. She takes it out of the one dimensional and old fashioned function to merely entertain. I felt safe as she slowly beckoned my breath back to me one note at a time.
I felt understood.
I felt free.
She has the uncanny ability to bring us HOME through her gifts.”
Ash Mukherjee, dancer, choreographer, teacher, mental health blogger.

“In just a few sessions, Krysia has helped me to find confidence in my voice once more. Her real skill is that she has been able to conjure the images that I have been able to connect to, in order to develop my technique. She has guided me through new approaches to songs I know well and given me the freedom to sing songs from genres outside of my comfort zone.”
Ali Kemp, actress, London.

“If you thought that voice was all to do with the neck up and what comes out of your mouth then think again. Krysia brings her wide experience in the performing and healing arts to take you on a journey of self discovery that is as much a therapy as it is a lesson in how to use your voice. A far cry then from my previous voice coach where in my recollection of the school assembly the Headmaster would unleash a trauma inducing apoplectic tirade screaming at the multitude mumbling through a hymn “heads up heads up”, he who would valiant be indeed!

Everbody would benefit from a piece of Krysia regardless of whether you want to sing opera or the blues or you just want to sound more confident inspite of being on the inside a seething morass of anxiety ( hey who isn’t) before that all important zoom meeting.

Krysia carries a special blend of compassion, warm sensitivity and humour focussed through the lens of lets call it Australasian positivity that makes for a truly unique educational experience.

In short she is an absolute scream with a laugh that is more infectious than a covid outbreak in a nursing home.”

Jon, Sussex.

“I went to Krysia as a guitarist with no known vocal ability. I was curious to see if I could actually sing and find out if I had a decent vocal range. My lessons were very relaxed and enjoyable and I soon found myself projecting my voice across the room with a confidence I didn’t know I had. I’d totally recommend Krysia to anyone wanting to improve their singing ability and skills.”  Barry Sears, Shanklin.
“Krysia is a fabulous voice coach. She immediately puts you at ease with her warm genuine laughter and smiling face. As you spend time with Krysia your confidence grows and the potential within your voice is reached. I would highly recommend Krysia as your personal voice coach, or within a choir.”  Hilary, Isle of Wight.

Photo by Miriam Strong 2016

2019 – 2022  – Private singing coach based on the Isle of Wight

2015 – 2018  – Private singing coach based in Hoxton, London

2014 – Choir leader at Seaview Project

2003 – 2015  Private singing coach in London and East Sussex

2014 – Singing teacher and choir leader for YMM
Young Music Makers, William Ellis School, Highgate Rd, NW5

“Young Music Makers has been at the heart of music making in North London for over 45 years. With 32 ensembles and 25 individual instrument teachers we cover everything from early years’ music groups, recorder, brass, wind, strings, ukulele and guitar ensembles – right through to choirs and big bands.
At the end of each 10-week term, there is a concert that celebrates the rich and varied activities of YMM. At the end of the Easter term we have our annual concert, at St. Anne’s Church, Highgate.”

1999 – Music Tutor at the University of Western Sydney, NSW, Australia
For the first year music students’ site specific collaborations

1999 – 2003  Private singing coach in Sydney, Australia

2000 – Kids Drama teacher at Spark Productions, Sydney, Australia
“Krysia is amazing. I hired her as a drama teacher for primary children at my
Drama school. Kids adore her, she is fun and responsible and any child would
be very lucky to spend time with her.” – Pip McKay

Vocal Workshops