Currently creating an album of original songs
delving into what it means to be an Australian woman
born into a stolen country

I recognize and acknowledge
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
as the traditional custodians of this land we call Australia

And that Australia:

Always Was and Always Will Be Aboriginal Land

The Uluru Statement From the Heart

Change the Date

Recent Work

Opening Song
Joe Carstairs – The Fastest Woman on Water
Lyrics by Krysia Mansfield & Franko Figueredo-Stow



A member of APRA AMCOS since 1998 Krysia’s songs originated in duo,
Zen Babies
Krysia on vocals & Helen Dowling on piano/keyboard/vocals, this observational comedic collaboration performed in fringe theatres and with established companies in Sydney, Australia

Zen Babies’ songs include:

The Supermarket Song  – K.Mansfield & H.Dowling
Dancing Delightfully – K.Mansfield
The Salad Song – K.Mansfield
Seeker Song – K.Mansfield & H.Dowling
Patisserie Song – K.Mansfield
A Shadow’s Flame – H.Dowling
Now & Then – K.Mansfield & H.Dowling
Can-opener Song – K.Mansfield


The Guest Song
written for duo 2K Special with Keith Kempis and their performance with Theatre 4A

Sky Boat
co-written with Lara Biernoff for their harp & vocal duo, Persephone’s Garden

Rising Flames
a song written for women’s peace activist singing ensemble, Las Pasionarias

The Rose and The Nightingale
a song inspired by Emily Johns’ print of the same name from her exhibition of prints Drawing Paradise on the ‘Axis of Evil’
following on from Conscious Oil, Myth & Mind in the Age of Petroleum
First performed with Las Pasionarias at the Hastings Arts Forum

The Rose and the Nightingale
“The image of the rose and the nightingale, the lover and the beloved, is a theme of Persian poetry and art. In Sufi Islam, it is a mystical image representing the search for the divine. The oil of Iran is the desired, the sought-after, poisoning the seekers.”      
Emily Johns

Journey to the Core installation at the Performance Space, UWS Nepean with Zen Babies/ Helen Dowling, involving construction of a spiral walkway in which actors/musicians interacted with audience/participants as they traveled to ‘the core of stillness’

Revolution by Public Transport
collaboration with Flipside Theatre Co and 3rd year students from UWS Nepean based on Augusto Boal’s Invisible Theatre and Theatre of the Oppressed, including improvised songs and spontaneous interactions with commuters


Emily’s Bridge
a song written for The World is My Country 
a project to celebrate the conscientious objectors of WW1
Recording with Lesley Ann Sammons on piano, Lucy Mulgan on bass, Krysia Mansfield vocals

Shapes of Mitcham soundtrack for the time lapse video of a mural painted in a residential area of Mitcham, created by Sean & Stephen commissioned by Studio Weave
for the OneMitcham public realm improvements project supported by Outer London Fund

Talking in Riddles
a song written for the Sphinx character in The Guardian of Thebes short film

The Guardian of Thebes
soundtrack for first film in the Northern Line Series created by Jessica Burn

Currently engaged in female electronic duo: Egg with Egg
with partner in sonic playfulness Spike Spondike