In Australia Krysia’s background in Zen meditation began at the Lotus Bud Sangha, Sydney and the Dhamma Bhumi Vipassana Meditation Centre in The Blue Mountains

She attended Brahma Kumaris courses in Raja Yoga meditation at the Centre for Spiritual Learning, also in The Blue Mountains, Australia and has often found refuge from the hustle and bustle of London in The Quiet Room at Covent Garden

Krysia began working as a Reiki practitioner and sound therapist in 2000 after studying with Barbara McGregor and more recently in East Sussex she furthered her
Reiki and Qigong teacher training with Catherine Burnett
Qigong with Sifu Cheung and Tai Chi with Mark Long

Understanding the stresses of working in the performing arts Krysia especially likes giving private Reiki sessions and Qigong classes to her fellow colleagues.
Do feel free to book sessions with her

Yarunga Valley